"Relationships are the agents of change and the most powerful therapy is human love"

Tracy Works with Youth & Adults

Individual Therapy

I offer individual therapy to adults and adolescents (11 +). I use a strengths-based approach that highlights the individual’s resilience amidst hardship, grief, loss, trauma, and adversity. I work collaboratively with clients to create a relationship that empowers them to find their wisdom and make choices that lead them to growth and health.

  • Adult Therapy- I work best with clients who are interested in better understanding their behavioral patterns and would like to change and grow. If you sense there is something more to life, but are experiencing barriers to feeling satisfied, I welcome you. I believe there is hope and freedom from the bondage of our thoughts and our pasts.
  • Youth Therapy- I am passionate about helping youth feel more connected to themselves, their caregivers, their community, and the world around them. I work with teens who are dealing with specific difficulties such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem, family conflict, foster care, and adoption; as well as those who are navigating the changes and challenges of everyday adolescence. 

Foster Care and Adoption Work

I work with individuals and families who have been impacted by foster care and adoption. I offer trauma-informed mental health counseling for caregivers and youth. I am equally dedicated to providing awareness about foster and adoption trauma, as I am committed to witnessing and guiding clients through their healing journeys.  

Every client has a unique story that includes your history, culture, beliefs, experiences, needs, and hopes. I design my approach based on your specific needs and goals.